West Shore Rotary recently awarded four scholarships to Class of ’19 graduates of Fairview High School, North Olmsted High School, John Marshall High School and St. Joseph Academy at $1,500 each, funded by various fund-raisers.
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In Memory of Rotarian, Newton J. Kellackey

Newton J. Kellackey, Jr. DDS, was a charter member of the West Shore Rotary Club, (chartered as the Fairview-West Park Rotary) founded in 1961.
He was a 57 year Rotarian, Paul Harris Fellow, and a veteran of the US Air Force, 1st Lieutenant (1953-55).
He was recognized by the West Shore Rotary Club with a lifetime achievement award on October 14, 2010, for his service to the club, and the local and international community.
Newt was a dentist, in private practice, specializing in orthodontics. His compassion for people in need was a driving force for the humanitarian commitments that became part of his life and he used his skills in dentistry on the missions that he served.  With the support of the Rotary Club, Newt made many trips to Brazil to meet their medical needs.  Newt developed, with total support from the club, thirteen international health care missions to the Amazon jungle.  He spearheaded the shipping of 200 baby scales, 35 bicycles, 400 pairs of glasses, a four wheel drive truck, an entire surgical lab and equipment, and the building of 11 water wells. In 2002 Newt and Dan Fronczak (through their hard work), got pledges from 22 clubs within our district and with funds from Rotary International, provided a much needed replacement truck to the Esperanza organization, in the city of Santarem, Brazil.  Through Newt’s influence, Rotary supported an international exchange student from Brazil.  He volunteered on other missions, as well, with other organizations on religious and medical missions. His last trip to Brazil was in 2003.
Our Club is proud of Newt and all he accomplished in his lifetime, as a Rotarian, and a humanitarian.
Thank you, Newt, for your dedication to Rotary and its founding principles of service above self.  May God hold you in his loving arms.
Newt passed away March 12, 2018, at 89 years of age.
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The West Shore Rotary Club continued its yearly tradition of making donations to both the city of North Olmsted and Fairview Park's Shop with a Cop. Children in both of these cities had the opportunity to shop with local law enforcement to pick out some Christmas gifts for the holiday season. 
Tom Eble presenting Fairview Park with Donation
Tome Eble presenting North Olmsted with Donation
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2018 Reverse Raffle - Mardi Gras Night

The West Shore Rotary Club presents the 2018 Reverse Raffle Dinner
Saturday, November 3, 2018
5:30pm to 11pm
Fairview Park, Gemini Center
21225 Lorain Road
Fairview Park, OH   44126

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I am honored to be serving as President of the West Shore Rotary Club for the 2018-2019 Rotary year. The theme set by Rotary International this year is “Be The Inspiration”, and we will build upon that theme for the upcoming year. I am happy to announce that George Newman will remain Treasurer and Don Auble will remain Sargent-At-Arms for my Presidency, while Lauren Teschner will become the new Secretary for our club. Needless to say, I will be surrounded by professionalism and quality leadership for the next twelve months.
I can attest to witnessing our members living the “Be The Inspiration” motto on a daily basis. For some of our members, it is heavy involvement in community projects and development. Others contribute to the cause through financial means. Many attend functions and fundraisers and spread the word on the services we provide. While their tasks and means of support may be different, all are equally vital to the success of our club.
This year, we will focus on public outreach as a means to “Be The Inspiration” in the areas we serve – Fairview Park, North Olmsted, and West Park. We will bring our message to the communities in an effort to try and meet the needs and challenges each unique community possesses. I welcome all service chairs and members to engage in your community to establish these need and challenges. When we identify these, we can best serve our communities and continue to “Be The Inspiration” for our communities.
We will remain avid supporters of international projects to “Be The Inspiration” globally. We will participate in financially supporting projects such as Omni and Nanzi. We will also assemble Shoe Boxes to support the children of Nicaragua.
I am truly humbled and blessed to be the President of this wonderful club, and I look forward to leading us into a productive year and will do everything in my power to motivate our club to  “Be The Inspiration”, for not only our communities, but  worldwide as well.
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Shoe Boxes for Children of the Dump in Nicaragua

Our club filled 32 boot size boxes at BW3 in Fairview Park on July 10th.  Our boxes will to be combined with boxes from other clubs in our District, to be shipped to the children of the dump in Nicaragua, in time for Christmas.  The Westlake/Bay club, is in charge of this project district wide and will be organizing the delivery of the boxes to the children personally, with a team of Rotarians this December.
Bill Wagner was the chair of the event for our club. Club members and friends chose the age and gender of the child they wanted to buy for and how many boxes for each child.  It was so gratifying to know that a deserving child in Chinendega, Nicaragua will be opening a box of school supplies, clothes and toys that we personally shopped for.  It warms the heart to help a child.
Thank you Bill ,for organizing the event and getting the boxes to where they need to be.  
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NASA Orion Project - Ann Over

Ann Over enlightened our members about the NASA Orion Project  at our January 9th meeting.  She was our featured speaker for January.
Ann Over is an aerospace engineer with over 35 years project experience at NASA Glenn Research Center. She is presently Deputy Manager of the ESM (European Service Module) for NASA’s Orion Project. Orion will be the most advanced spacecraft ever designed, carrying astronauts farther into space than ever before – to the Moon and on to Mars. The challenges include propulsion, power, structures, thermal, cost, schedule, and risk management. Earlier in her career Ann managed advanced technologies for various planetary science projects at NASA Glenn.
Her enthusiasm for the project was contagious and educational.  It's amazing how many pieces have to fall into place to go into space.
Thanks go out to Don Auble (on the left), our Program Chair, for scheduling her as a speaker.
Loved the NASA pins and decals too! 
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What does Rotary do?

Eight little words give us the answer.
This is a letter found in the Rotarian magazine, November 2017 issue. 
Written by Joseph J. Kovarik, Cottage Grove, Minn.
RI President Ian H.S. Riseley expressed his concern, in the August president's message, that we have "had a difficult time conveying the scope of our work."  Later he asks, "What does Rotary do?"  I'd like to offer an answer in just eight words.  The compact response is derived from posing three questions: What do we do? Where do we do it? How do we do it?
What do we do? Improve people's lives.
Where do we do it? Locally and globally.
How do we do it? Through service.
Such a mission-minded claim underscores our action orientation.  We just observe that we are a leadership organization with a deceptively singular force: Improve peoples lives, locally and globally, through service.  We can reduce our statement to six words if we adopt the portmanteau word used by Atlanta's mayor, Kasim Reed, in his speech at the Rotary International Convention: "glocal".  Our alternate six-word definition of Rotary could read: Improve peoples lives glocally, through service.  
Your choice - eight or six words - in our continuing effort to assert the essence of Rotary.
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West Shore Rotary Veterans Ceremony, November 7th, 2017
L-R: David Lariviere, Joe Kazimer, Eric Wagner, Dan Fronczak, Newt Kellackey (seated), Dr. Reed Miller
Those recognized were:
Joe Kazimer ~ Marine, Corporal Sergeant, 1946-52 / Forty year Rotarian 
Newt Kellackey ~ Air Force, 1st Lieutenant, 1953-55 / Charter member - Fifty-Six year Rotarian
Dan Fronczak ~ Marine, Private 1st Class, 1971-72 / Twenty year Rotarian
Eric Wagner ~ Army, E/5 Sergeant, 2000-06 / Five year Rotarian
Officiating the ceremony was:
David Lariviere (COI/United States Army) from the Medina Sunrise Rotary Club and chaplain Dr. Reed Miller
Thank you to the members that were able to attend the ceremony and gave our Veteran's the respect they deserved, not only for their service to our country but to Rotary as well.
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Posted on Feb 14, 2017
Youth Challenge Rotary Donation Feb 4th, 2017
YC overall_DSC08420.JPG

WESTLAKE, Ohio - Participants in the Youth Challenge Krazy Kamp on Feb. 4 got a special treat: lunch provided by a cluster of five area Rotary Clubs.

Members of the West Shore Rotary (Fairview Park, North Olmsted and Cleveland's West Park neighborhood), Rotary Club of Lakewood and Rocky River (Sunrise and Noon clubs), the Rotary Club of Westlake-Bay Village, and the Rotary Club of North Ridgeville "adopted" Youth Challenge and organized fundraisers to help the organization with costs related to its transportation service, as well as providing the lunch.

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Three $1500 West Shore Rotary Scholarships Awarded

Rotarian Eric Wagner and recipient from North Olmsted High School ~ Jasmine R. Hasanain

Rotarian Angelo Russo and recipients from Fairview Park High School ~ Robert J. Reilley  and Hanna R. Lutsock
Rotarian Steve Owens and recipient from St. Joseph Academy ~ Lily E. Gabriel 
Congratulations to all!

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Nanze Organization to help the children of Malawi

From left to right: Lauren Teschner and Yakoob Badat
Yakoob Badat and his parents created a non-profit organization called Nanze, to feed and educate the children from his grandmothers native village in Malawi, Africa.
The presentation was well done and the cause is a great one to support.
Our club presented them with a check for $500 and hope to help the organization in the future as well.
Learn more at www.nanze.org
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