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Welcome to The History of The West Shore Rotary Club
The West Shore Rotary, f.k.a. The Fairview West Park Rotary Club has been an integral part of its community for 50 years, with some notable members and families.  We have had many prominent people involved in our Club. During the compiling of this 50 year anniversary book, there has been the attempt to acknowledge them with the information given regarding their involvement in the community and Rotary.  There may be individuals that have not been given their due respect and it has not been intentional. The individuals that are recognized include George Newman, the 2011 Fairview Park Citizen of the Year, George’s grandfather  mayor of Fairview, George’s family being some of the founders of Fairview Park, Mayor Eileen Patton of Fairview Park, Jim Klinger, the architect of the Fairview Park City Hall, Mayor Jim Dunson of Fairview Park 1/1/58 to 12/31/67, with the community room named for him on the first floor of City Hall, Marvin Schatz was Council President from 1976 – 1981 and Citizen of the Year in 1972, Richard Dunson, President of Fairview Park Council, Richard Robinson and John Babel being recognized for their involvement with Rotary by the District Governor in 2005 and Dan Fronczak and George Newman receiving the Rotary Crystal Certificate of Achievement for their help with the Russian Project.