I am honored to be serving as President of the West Shore Rotary Club for the 2018-2019 Rotary year. The theme set by Rotary International this year is “Be The Inspiration”, and we will build upon that theme for the upcoming year. I am happy to announce that George Newman will remain Treasurer and Don Auble will remain Sargent-At-Arms for my Presidency, while Lauren Teschner will become the new Secretary for our club. Needless to say, I will be surrounded by professionalism and quality leadership for the next twelve months.
I can attest to witnessing our members living the “Be The Inspiration” motto on a daily basis. For some of our members, it is heavy involvement in community projects and development. Others contribute to the cause through financial means. Many attend functions and fundraisers and spread the word on the services we provide. While their tasks and means of support may be different, all are equally vital to the success of our club.
This year, we will focus on public outreach as a means to “Be The Inspiration” in the areas we serve – Fairview Park, North Olmsted, and West Park. We will bring our message to the communities in an effort to try and meet the needs and challenges each unique community possesses. I welcome all service chairs and members to engage in your community to establish these need and challenges. When we identify these, we can best serve our communities and continue to “Be The Inspiration” for our communities.
We will remain avid supporters of international projects to “Be The Inspiration” globally. We will participate in financially supporting projects such as Omni and Nanzi. We will also assemble Shoe Boxes to support the children of Nicaragua.
I am truly humbled and blessed to be the President of this wonderful club, and I look forward to leading us into a productive year and will do everything in my power to motivate our club to  “Be The Inspiration”, for not only our communities, but  worldwide as well.